Song of Sunday (On a Thursday) 7/30/2020

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful bride Sarah! I love you much and look forward to many more years together. I sure am lucky I get to do this life with you!


You have captivated my heart

My bride, with one glance of your eyes

You lit a flame that will burn

Until the day that I die

You are altogether beautiful, my love

There is no flaw in you

Once I saw your face

No other I desired to pursue

I met the one whom my soul loves

One fateful day in December

My life before that day

It’s value I cannot even remember

One summer evening

We were joined as man and wife

One flesh we became

A covenant I made to you with my life

An excellent wife is hard to find

But you are far more precious than jewels

I put my trust in you

And have no lack of accrual

Strength and dignity you wear well

Wisdom and kindness are your drawl

Many women have done excellently

But you surpass them all!

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