Vocatio = Your Calling

Vocatio = Your “calling” in Latin



This week we are going to be working through your calling.

I wrote previously that I believe a life of pursuing Christ can be simplified to four things: loving God, loving others, looking for opportunities to share the gospel (which shows both love for God and others), and finally, a personal mission, or your calling (https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/cotidie.blog/643).

What is a personal mission or calling? It is no accident that you have the gifts and talents you have. God gave them to you to further His Kingdom. Ultimately our calling has to do with building and filling the needs of the church (both Big C and little c). And the Lord might give us several different callings or missions during our lifetimes. But I am not here to tell you what the Lord has or has not called you to do; that is between you and Him. You might already know, but just have failed to take action on it.

Henry Blackaby said, “He chose us, called us, and prepared us-But he didn’t do that for us to just sit there.” So what has God chosen you, called you, and prepared you or is preparing you to do? What has He given you that is bigger than you? What dreams has he given you?

This week we are going to be examining just that: what has God placed in your heart that is bigger than you? What talents has He given you? We will be looking at a vision, developing a dream, and your calling.

Just for today, read Mark 9:14-29.

Tune in tomorrow for Part Two..

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