The Power of Imago Dei……

This week I am going back to where it all started, Imago Dei. If you have seen the Latin titles and do not really understood what they mean, let me explain it to you. I preached a sermon on Imago Dei a couple of years ago and it had a great impact on me. I found myself using it practically in my life on a regular basis. If someone cut me off driving or I got cussed out at church (believe it or not, it happens often at Under Over Fellowship), I found myself saying, “Imago Dei.” This was a reminder to myself that this person, in spite of their behavior, was made in the Image of God and I needed to treat them as such. This was so powerful in my life, I found myself asking, “What other principles can I put into action to put legs on my faith and discipleship?” And not only that, “Can I develop it in such a way that I can teach it to others?” So that is where I am. I have four weeks to go on my current writing project, but I thought it might be good to go back to the beginning so readers would have a better understanding where I am coming from. I will be posting all six days of Imago Dei this week, and then plan to return with new material next week.


If we truly understand Imago Dei, it changes the way we see ourselves, the way we see people, the way we speak to people, and the way we love people.

Now here is the hard part…I have to walk away from this keyboard and “practice what I have preached.” You have to leave your seat and do so as well. There are going to be days that we fail, but that does not mean we stop striving to be Christlike. Do you know what we as believers should all be working towards? For someone to meet us and feel like they just met Jesus.

We must be different. When Jesus came, He was not the king they were expecting. They were expecting a lion, a warrior (He is still to come, Faithful and True!). He came as the Lamb that would lay his life down for us. The people expected the Kingdom of God to be much different. They were expecting justice by force. Our King rules by love. Yet Jesus welcomed confrontation, he did not avoid it. He just handled it much differently that what is our natural proclivity. He handled confrontation with a sword all right, the Sword of the Spirit-the Holy Word of God. His arsenal was love and ours must be the same, for we are all created in the image of God.

I challenge you today to meditate on Genesis 1:26-27 and what it means to you. Look at yourself in the mirror and believe you were made in the image of God. In your home, and when you go out, see others, speak to others, and love others as if they were made in the image of God. Because they are.

There is power in Imago Dei.

Just for today, meditate on this truth.

Tune in tomorrow for the Song of Sunday.

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