Song of Sunday 6/14/2020

Poems about Jesus.

Each Sunday, I plan on taking a break from devotional-type writing to share an original poem.


Who is this man?

By such mighty works are done by His hand

Is not He a carpenter

From the Nazareth land?

His teachings astonish

Where did He get such wisdom?

Where did He get these things,

Saying at hand is the kingdom?

There is His mother Mary

And His brothers Simon, Judas, Joses, and James

He has no honor in His hometown

But through the region He has much fame

Is it Elijah?

Is it John the Baptist raised from the dead?

Although many are not certain,

This is what He said,

“Before Abraham was, I am

I am the Bread of Life, the vine

The Good Shepherd, the Light of the World

One who can turn water into wine

Only I can forgive sins

And give my life as ransom for many.”

One like Him there has never been

Then He turned to me

As if all this did not suffice

“But who do you say I am?”

I replied, “There’s no doubt you are the Christ.”

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