Song of Sunday 6/7/2020

Poems about Jesus.

Each Sunday, I plan on taking a break from devotional-type writing to share an original poem.


How lonely sits the man

Left and living in distress

Once he owned the whole world

Now nothing does he possess

Emptiness, the only thing that fills

Interchanged periodically with uncleanliness and guilt

He tore down the temple

That the hands of God built

He weeps at night

During the day is groaning

Believing there is no hope,

No reparation or atoning

He finally wails for help

“Lord, Lord, I am so despised!”

His laments are many

In abundance are his cries

He ignored the time of your visitation

Thought he had it all figured out

Instead of your blessing

He received the world’s drought

“Remember me, O Lord, see my disgrace!”

“Please do not forsake me the rest of my days!”

“Restore and renew me O Lord”

“I long to see your face”

“In my pain and sorrow,”

“Can I be ignored?”

“I see you clearly now and shout,”

“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

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