Do You Workout?

Cotidie – Daily

Cotidie = Daily in Latin



A review of the week thus far: We must, 1, resolve to deny personal control of our lives and give control to Jesus. We must, 2, resolve to make a commitment to Christ. We must, 3, resolve to follow the example and teachings of Jesus. And the 4th, and last resolution, is that we must resolve to do these things daily. We must resolve to deny personal control of our lives and give control to Jesus every day. We must commit to Christ each day. We must follow the example and teachings of Jesus; each and every day.

I am going to use my friend James Hedinger as an example. He is a deacon at our church. You can take one look at James and tell that he is a strong man. He is very fit and takes care of himself. That is what you see on the outside, but what you do not see is the years of hard work and discipline it took for him to get that way. Daily discipline is the key.

A string of good days makes a big difference over the long term. Spiritual growth takes place the same way. Days of trusting Christ and following Him will make a profound change in one’s life. Everyone will be able to tell.

There are similar passages to Luke 9 found in Matthew and Mark. However, Luke is the only one that adds the word “daily.” Mark emphasized the initial act of denying oneself once and for all, but Luke emphasizes the need to make such a commitment each day.

What I want you to see is this daily discipline equals freedom. Luke signifies that one is to live on a daily basis as though he had been sentenced to death by crucifixion. In this sense, we are dead to the world that opposes God’s purpose. This frees disciples to live according to Kingdom values.

In seminary, there is much study about spiritual disciplines. I read about spiritual disciplines such as bible intake, prayer, worship, evangelism, and several more. But I argue the most important discipline for discipleship is daily surrender. Daily surrender drives us in our bible intake, prayer, worship, and evangelism. We must go all in every day.

Just for today, resolve to deny, commit, and follow.

Tune in tomorrow for Part Six……

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