Happy New Year!!! Wait, what???

Cotidie – New Year’s in May

Cotidie = Daily in Latin



This week I am writing about the principle, cotidie or daily, that is the namesake of my blog. Obviously, it is very important to me.

This year has been crazy, to say the least. Let’s just start over. I want to take you back to the evening of December 31. What do we normally think of when we think of New Year’s? We might imagine the ball dropping in New York City. Or kissing your loved one at midnight. Or being with friends and family to celebrate the anticipation of a New Year.

What I think of first is making a New Year’s Resolution. I think we find hope in this. There is excitement in setting new goals and the new beginnings of starting the next year in our life. But, as a Christian, what kind of New Year Resolutions should we make? We have to look at our heart and search our motivation. Is our resolution to honor and glorify God? Or does it stem from pride and glory of the self?

Dictionary.com defines resolution as “the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action, method, or procedure.” To resolve means to come to a definite decision about something.

The literal definition of decide is to cut off from any other possibility. So, if you have choice A and choice B and you decide to pick choice A, choice B is no longer even an option. That is not really how we make decisions most of the time, is it? But I think it should be. In the same way, when we truly resolve to do something, it’s the only possibility.

This week I will be laying out four things believers need to resolve in order to be a Disciple of Christ.

Just for today, write down 4 new resolutions for the year. You get a fresh start. I want to see how these match-up at the end of the week.

Tune in tomorrow for Part Two..

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