Sicut Christus – The Greatest of All-Time

Sicut Christus = Christlike in Latin

SEE’koot ˈkrɪs.tʏs


Remember the Four Things a Man Should Learn to Do ( from the card Coach Wooden’s father gave him? Paul’s message in Ephesians 4 seems to fit very well with it: to think without confusion clearly (renew your mind and make Christlike decisions), love your fellow man sincerely (be kind to one another, tenderhearted and forgiving), to act from honest motives purely (don’t lie, don’t steal, build up others), to trust in God and heaven securely (clothe yourself in Christ daily).

As we try to figure our what being true to yourself is about, we find that it is not about YOU at all. We must cross ourselves out and insert Christ. Being true to yourself is about being true to Christ, clothing yourself in Him, and finding your identity in Jesus Christ.

We cannot cheapen the grace God has given us by staying in those old prison clothes. If you are a new man in Christ, clothe yourself in Him with confidence.

As I wanted to emulate John Wooden coaching basketball, I am to emulate Jesus Christ, the Greatest of All-Time, in my day to day life. I see how my basketball coaching philosophy (see above article link) while coaching my daughter Taylor can be applied to my daily walk:

  1. Have Fun. There is joy in clothing yourself in Christ. If you have ever been on a mission trip with Under Over Fellowship (my home church) or hung out with my church family, you will see how much fun it is serving the Lord and there is much joy doing so.
  2. Give it Your Very Best Effort. You might can fool me, or your pastor, or other friends and family, but you cannot fool God. Clothe yourself in Him and try not to grieve Him.
  3. No Use in Talking About Winning. The battle has already been won and we should walk in confidence.

Being true to yourself does not mean defining yourself by the house you live in, the car you drive, your political party, your vocation, your favorite sports team , or the clothes you wear. You are a member of God’s household; THAT is the house you live in. THOSE are the clothes you should wear.

Our identity is to be found in Christ-nothing else. That is what being true is all about. It is about denying control of your life and surrendering it to Jesus. It is about making a commitment to Christ no matter the cost. It is about following Jesus and seeking to be Christlike. It is about clothing ourselves in Christ.

Just for today, be true to yourself (the new definition).

Tune in tomorrow for Song of Sunday.

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