Evangelii-The Martyrs

Evangelii = The Gospel in Latin



To conclude this week, we have gone over quite a bit if you have been reading along: we looked at the claims of Jesus about the gospel, His claims about Himself and His deity, and finally the rest of the story, including His death and resurrection.

One of the biggest pieces of evidence, even after this, is the behavior of the disciples. It is obvious they did not expect the Resurrection to take place. The words of Christ and the deeds of Christ somehow did not register. At first, they only saw crushing defeat in the cross. They were confused, fearful, and defeated.

We see Peter denied Christ three times after the arrest of Jesus. If the Resurrection had not occurred, these, no doubt, would not be willing to die for the message of the gospel. It was the Risen Christ that transformed this broken band of disciples into bold witnesses who turned the world upside down. We can read historical documents to know that every disciple, except for John, died a martyrs death. What is really important is they were willing to die for their faith. If Jesus had not been resurrected, they would have known it and not died for a lie.

The Lord has laid out the gospel, His case, with His words-the Holy Bible. He says to us, “The Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” This is good news; repent and believe. Reform and trust. Do it now, not later.

Either a man submits to this summons or chooses the world.

Some submit to the gospel, but like Robert Robinson, stray away from it. Repent and return to your belief in the gospel.

At the end of the day, we have to look at the evidence and decide for ourselves: is the gospel a lie, lunacy, or life?

Just for today, I hope you can answer this question with certainty.

Tune in tomorrow for Song of Sunday.

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