Timor Domini – How To Get Fear

Timor Domini = Fear of the Lord in Latin


How do we get fear? I mean the kind of fear we need.

The only, and I mean only, way to be wise is to trust in the Lord and be in relationship and fellowship with Him. Wisdom only comes from God and we can ask Him for it.

Are there any Seinfeld fans reading? There is an episode, called The Opposite, where George Costanza, the lovable loser and best friend of Jerry Seinfeld, realizes he is a terrible decision maker after failure after failure in his life. He decides to start doing the opposite of what he would normally do in every circumstance and discovers success in doing so.

Sometimes, this is what following the Lord is like. We know the Lord is giving us wisdom and we know what we should do, but it feels counterintuitive to us. The world many times will not agree with our decisions, but our decisions through fear of the Lord and God’s wisdom are not of this world, they are of the Kingdom.

A principle we must teach our children, both biological and spiritual, is that in their pursuit of wisdom they will be surrounded by others going the opposite direction who will be encouraging them to do likewise. In this fashion, we can look at Proverbs and see there is a choice, the way of the wise or the way of the fool. The reader of Proverbs faces these alternatives and is challenged to attain wisdom through the fear of God. We have to recognize that fear of God is where it starts.

Is there a healthy godly fear in your heart?

Fear of the Lord is the gateway to wisdom.

Just for today, meditate on this truth.

Tune in tomorrow for Part Five…..

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